Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's the most important resources in finding a home? Survey Results

Flipped through some customer surveys from a popular new home builder and found something interesting. A question asked "What do you think were the most important resources were in finding a new home?" The two most popular answers from clients were The Internet and a Realtor. The Internet actually came in first but we're happy coming in 2nd....for now :)

I guess it's really not a huge surprise, the Internet is sort of...well.. AMAZING. Still, I'm glad to see that the public still values a good buyers agent and while we may not be seen as quite "amazing" as the Internet (at least from this survey) there is no doubt that we are still valued. THANK YOU PUBLIC! We try! ;)

Sure this is by no means empirical research and there are a billion other questions that come to mind. Like do they see the one as a replacement of the other, do they prefer them working in tandem, was the survey given before or after negotiations, what kind of experience did they have have with an agent and so on. The point is that on a quick "whatever springs to your mind first" survey the Internet and Realtors are first.

This begs two questions:

1) If you're a Realtor, and you don't have a web presence, what exactly are you waiting for? Your potential clients would really appreciate it!
2) If you are trying to shop for homes strictly online without the help of any professional, maybe it is time to listen to the folks who've already bought something!

As for us, these results just motivate us to keep pushing forward with the things we preach. Give the clients the tools they want (online) and provide the human touch that fills the blanks those tools miss.

Maybe it's just a HUGE coincidence but reading survey likes this makes it a lot easier forking over the checks for the upgrades to our website. By the way, anybody that wants to beta test the new version of our home search just let me know and I'll send you a copy.
Have a great week!


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