Friday, June 12, 2009

FOUST Team in the news lately!

A strong web presence continues to pay off as we've:

-Had quite a few of some of our clients homes go from active to sold this week plus
-Gained an opportunity to help some of the home buying public

First off, to follow up on a previous post we have had the LA Times publish one of our listings in a section of their paper call "On the Market". The writer, Lauren Beale, used a house we have listed at Morningside in Whittier as a showcase for what modern buyers can get for around $500,000. You can see this story here.

Second, A recent article that we have authored just appeared on Realty Times, Yahoo Real Estate, and quite a few places in the blog sphere. We don't want to directly link back to this article but it is easily found by doing a quick Google search with the keywords "Mello-Roos on Realty Times" Anybody looking to buy a home in South Orange County, or anywhere where there is a lot of construction newer than 1994, should definitely read this.

Lastly, Look for us again to appear in an upcoming section of the LA Times Career Builder Section where we will be answering some questions about first time home buying and the foreclosure market. It is scheduled to print Friday July 17th.


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Raj said...

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