Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Move Fast, They Won't Last! - Making Sure You Get Your Shot At Today's Bargain Properties

As contradictory as it may seem given the current market and media headlines, todays serious home buyers are learning very quickly that speed is essential in not only finding the good deals, but making sure you get a chance to purchase them. But what can todays motivated home buyers do to make sure they are fast enough? The following is a quick reference guide.

Speed Three Ways

Internet - the Internet has definately changed the way modern home searching is being conducted. The first thing a homebuyer should do is make sure they are set up with an automatic drip campaign to update them when houses meeting their criteria come up for sale. Thet only thing they have to do then is read their email.

Agent Custom Search - If one has an automatic search working for them, they are officially caught up with the pack. This is a good thing, but since we never recommend just being average, the next step is to have a real estate agent looking for properties that will fit the buyers needs. One will be suprised just how often that second set of eyes picks up on properties that home buyers may have missed all by themselves. Some real estate agents are excellent at filtering the good deals from the mediocre which will help a buyer find the best home in the shortest amount of time.

Go Now, Offer Now - Eventually a home buyer will find a property that interests them and it is of paramount importance to go see these immediately. They shouldn't wait until they have nothing better to do. They need to make seeing what may be their future home a top life priority. Only this kind of dedicated motivation will give home buyers the advantage they need in finding the very best deals. Rest assured that there are others buyers who are this motivated and they will be the ones snatching up all the good deals.

Besides being a very effective technique, making it a habit of being the first ones out looking at the hot new deals can be a very exciting process. The buzz is usally very noticeable at these properties as agent after agent and buyer after buyer will be roaming around the property sizing up its features and agonizing over what price they will have to offer to get it. Everybody suffers from this agony, the best advice is to make a reasonable decision and make it quickly. Waiting much more than overnight is usually suicide to ones chances of obtaining one of these distress sales. By learning to act quickly, homebuyers will be able to take advantage of todays discount real estate.

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