Monday, October 13, 2008

Appraisals - How Much Is This Home Worth?

Appraisals are very easy and simple to understand so we are going to keep this one short. Within the first 17 days of escrow buyers will need to have their lender order an appraisal to prove to the bank's investors that the property is worth at least as much as the loan they will be writing on it. Appraisers work for the lender but are often paid by the buyer via closing costs. The cost for an appraisal can range from $300-$600 depending on size, type, and location of property.

Appraisers are licensed and will visit the house, look at recently sold homes in the area, and combine this information with general market trends to determine a fair market value for the home. There is no need for a buyer to meet an appraiser at the property.

Many buyers confuse appraisal with inspection. Think of it like this:
Inspectors check for physical defect in the property, work solely for the buyer, and do not discuss value of the property.

Appraisers work solely for the lender and speak mainly about the value of the home based on recent sales.

In order for you to get a loan to purchase your home, it will need to appraise at least at the value of the loan you are proposing taking out. If it doesn't, you will either have to make a larger down payment or need to renegotiate the purchase price. If none of the above are possible, you will need to cancel escrow.

Very rarely do appraisals come in way above the purchase price as this can create major problems if the seller then has second thoughts. Since they work for the lender, their main job is to ensure that the lender is secured by property value not to give the seller an accurate estimate of his properties value.

Now that appraisals are out of the way, we are excited to bring you our next article on real estate contingencies.


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I always wondered why they don't just give you the real value, even if higher than purchase price. Now it makes sense. Thanks dude

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