Friday, April 23, 2010

New EPA law affects OC Homeowners

As of this week, a previous law is now in effect regarding construction and renovation and lead based paint. Owner/sellers oflder homes, built prior to 1978, must jump through a new hoop if they plan on doing any repairs, renovations, or construction that will affect the paint in their home. We already have a lead based paint disclosure in place for owners of homes of this vintage but here are the new changes:

1) Owners who hire contractors and repair tradespeople must insure that they have been trained and certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to prevent household contamination of lead based paint.

2) Contractors must also give owners an EPA lead brochureAdditionally, renovators must deliver EPA's lead renovation pamphlet to an occupant within 60 days before a project begins.

3) Owners must sign off upon reciept of the lead based paint hazard pamphlet.

4) This rule does not apply homeowners doing work on their primary residence but still must disclose any known hazards.

What kind of work requires this extra hurdle?

Any work that disturbs the painted surface (such as sanding, removing hardware, stripping, or light demo) over a 6 square foot area of internal surface or a 20 square foot area of external surface.

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