Friday, October 24, 2008

Loan Funding- Show Us The Money!

During the process of buying or selling a piece of real estate, most buyers require a loan in order to purchase the property. There comes a time in the transaction when the money is ready to be exchanged for ownership of the property. Funding of the loan is essentially the transfer of money from the lender to the seller of the property. Actually it is transferred to our third party escrow but for simplicity purposes we can think of it as being transferred to the seller.

After you review and sign your loan documents, the escrow company will send them back to the lender. A final review by the lender’s underwriter takes place and if everything looks good according to the underwriter, the lender will notify the escrow company that they are ready for funding. In other words, the lender is ready to send over the money to complete the purchase of the real estate.

At this time or preferably before, the escrow company will instruct the buyer to bring all necessary closing money (i.e. closing costs and down payment) into escrow to be held until funding. Most of the time when the loan is funded the actual money for the loan is wired over in just a few minutes but in order to fund the loan all conditions and instructions set up in escrow must have been met. This dotting of the i’s and crossing of the t’s is usually what delays the actual funding from happening. Many times underwriters will take a hard second look at the borrower’s financials that may delay the funding a few days. For this reason, we encourage buyers to get their entire loan application and supplementary materials to the lender as quickly in the escrow process as possible.

As you can see, in most real estate transactions funding is a very significant event in the process and a critical component to purchasing your home. Now that you know what the funding process is all about, the only thing left is the closing and recording. You’ll learn about this final step in our next tutorial.

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