Monday, December 14, 2009

Yorba Linda Real Estate and Homes For Sale Update - Dec 2009

Yorba Linda, CA Real Estate - We've noticed that there are certain cities in the North Orange County area that have a tremendous amount of opportunity in the upscale home price point. We compare upscale home sales which we roughly define as homes with:

At least 4+ Bedrooms
between $700,000 - $1,000,000
minimum 3+ Full Bathrooms
and a home size of at least 2,400+ sqft

We've really been noticing a lot of good deal on homes in Yorba Linda, CA. Here's the numbers for Yorba Linda homes for sale that fit the above criteria in the last 45 days or so....

22 Homes For Sale
12 in Escrow
10 Closed Sales

We've included these two beautiful examples of homes currently on the market!

Compare this with the nearby city of Fullerton and you'll see what we mean by choices. In Fullerton, your seeing numbers that look like this:

9 Homes For Sale
10 in Escrow
5 Closed Sales

Obviously, Yorba Linda has about twice as many homes for sale in the price range and here is a kicker...........they are averaging nearly 3600 sqft as opposed to just over 3000 in Fullerton...........and the real kicker is 5 of the 9 homes available in Fullerton have lots under 7000 sqft!

Bottom line = Big house, big lot, under a million bucks? You need to take a look and see what Yorba Linda real estate has to offer.

Take a look at our Yorba Linda Homes For Sale page if you have a moment.