Thursday, February 28, 2008

How To Always Know What The Neighbors Home Sold For...And What Yours Is Worth!

The neighbors house is listed for $________, so how much is mine worth?

It is a common question asked by most homeowners and one that is not easily answered without some knowledge of the neighborhood home sales market and a very clear understanding of what their home has to offer a potential buyer.

Realtors and real estate appraisers look at a variety of variables in determining what your home is worth. The best way to always know what the neighbors house sold for, and get an idea of what their home might be worth, is to use our real estate value tracker which will keep them updated on sales activity within their area of interest.

If you are thinking of selling real estate, it is an even better to get a professional opinion. If you contact us and provide some basic information about your property, we can offer you a complimentary Broker Price Opinion which will be far more accurate than any online real estate valuation. To see what were talking about, please see our article on why online real estate valuations can cost you thousands.

On the other hand, Realtors with a great deal of experience, like ourselves, who perform price opinion services to national lenders for a fee, will offer them free to consumers considering the sale of their real estate. Ultimately, sellers will find these Broker Price Opinions to be deadly accurate and worth their weight in gold. Happy Selling!