Monday, May 3, 2010

Learn "How To Get A Loan Modification in the OC" For FREE

With falling home values, adjusting interest rates, and a sluggish economy many Orange County homeowners are looking to get out from under their house payments. Problem is a lot of people are being ripped off by fraudulent loan modification companies.

What Can We Do...?

We're here to help you but:

1) We don't want your loan modification business!!!....... Especially if that means we have to charge you for our help.

2) We really don't want you to have to short sale your home!!!.....A short sale should only be a last ditch effort to avoid foreclosure when loan modification and payment options have been exhausted.

3) We only can offer this help in the area we know, The Orange County CA area

What Do We Want Then....

This may sound contrary to what you'd expect but our real goal is to help as many people as our resources will allow. Ideally, we'd like everyone to be able to keep their Orange County home, with or without the help of a loan modification.

Frankly, we're tired of hearing stories of how people are getting taken advantage of and being charged excessive fees to attempt loan modifications. Forget it! You can do almost all of it yourself! All you need is an understanding of the situation and someone who can advise you on the pitfalls.

What If A Loan Modification Doesn't Work......

Look, loan modifications can work but there is no guarantee. Some lenders aren't going to modify anything! Others may not make an offer that really helps your situation!

How Do I Know If My Situation Will Be Acceptable To Them......

The truth is you can't. That's right, there is no sure fire way to determine if the lender will make you a good deal. However, we have some general guidelines that have been proven to predict fairly consistently the likelihood of a successful loan modification. This is where the application and consultation would come in.

So Again, What Happens If My Loan Modification is Denied?

Nothing necessarily! It really is up to you how you would like to proceed. You can either continue to make the payments or have us conduct a short sale in order to get you out from under the payments!

It's your choice, there are pros and cons of going either way. We can help you sort through these after we know a little more about your situation.

We will then consult with you regarding the potential of either decision and leave it up to you to make a decision.

But What If I Decide Not To Do Anything, Aren't You Going To Need To Be Paid?

No! Remember, our goal is to help not to collect a bunch of advance payment fees and do nothing while you worry about losing your home. That's just not how we do business. If you do nothing, you owe us nothing! Maybe send us a referral or two but there is no obligation to pay us anything.

What If I Want to Short Sale or Have Already Tried a Loan Modification and Been Denied?

This is something that we can help with because we have a proven track record of success negotiating Orange County short sales. Does this mean we successfully close all short sales? Absolutely not! Sometimes the situation does not lend itself to a short sale, other times, the banks just will not cooperate.

We do, however, know the kind of sales situations that will be generally successful with a short sale and use this when assessing your situation. We can't do this though without knowing a little about your situation.

Upon review of your application, we will arrange a free consultation where we go over your opportunities and limitations when considering a short sale in Orange County. This is the most important part of the short sale process and taking just a few minutes to complete the application will save you weeks heading down a path that would never have worked in the first place. On a final note, while we can't always guarantee the outcome of a short sale, we can guarantee that your sale will happen in the most convenient and unobtrusive manner possible.

Please Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!!!

Here are some testimonials from people we’ve actually helped:


“We still hear a lot of talk from all of our friends about how slow and difficult short sales are......we almost feel guilty because ours wasn't all that bad. Sure, the banks were a pain and there was some paperwork, but you guys had a plan, worked the plan, let us know what was going on, and most importantly kept us from foreclosure! Some of our friends aren't so lucky. Glad we found you. Thanks!!"

- Cynthia B.

“The only complaint I have is that I wish we'd found you BEFORE that so-called loan modification lawyer hack took our $3,000 and did absolutely nothing but refer us to his secretary. Thanks, you guys are awesome!!! ”

- E. Mitchell


SO HERE'S THE DEAL, in order for us to help as many people as possible, we really need to personally review the unique dangers and possibilities of each home loan situation. Not understanding the process and just acting before investigating can be very, very costly. Let's not let anybody else make these mistakes!!

We are committed to helping you navigate these tough times and get you on your way to the best possible solution for your set of circumstances. We are not lawyers, financial experts, or the so-called loan modification "specialists." We are Orange County CA real estate agents who have been closing many short sales see the victims of loan modification scams on a daily basis.

If you own a home in the Orange County CA area, we're willing to hear your situation and see if we can help, Go ahead and tell us a little bit about it via confidential email at or phone at 714 686 6946 and we'll be in touch to schedule your consultation.


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Loan modification allows one to make essential changes in his or her existing loans.There are a lot of loan modification companies which offer their services to everybody.So here is guide to to get a free loan modification in the OC.
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Loan modification allows one to make essential changes in his or her existing loans.There are a lot of loan modification companies which offer their services to everybody.So here is guide to to get a free loan modification in the OC.

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