Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tax credit extension passes house

Last minute stand alone bill passed house today. Senate still needs to vote, may happen tomorrow. This will extend the home buyer tax credit closing deadline which happens to expire tomorrow. Over 100,000 homebuyers caught up in escrow may miss tax credit if this doesn't happen. Lots of nail biting tonight, keep your fingers crossed for them!


Foust Team Real Estate said...

One day later it has passed the Senate too. Great news for the buyers who are in escrow now.

For Sale By Owner NJ said...

Hi friends,

A tax credit is a sum deducted from the total amount a taxpayer owes to the state. A tax credit may be granted for various types of taxes, such as an income tax, property tax, or VAT. It may be granted in recognition of taxes already paid, as a subsidy or to encourage investment or other behaviors. Thanks a lot.....